Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate supplier,Exporter, Distributor and Manufacturer in CANADA

on 25 Feb 2020 12:48 PM

CANADA Chemical is leading one Largest Supplier, Manufacture and Exporter of Tank Cleaner like Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate in Oman, Sultan Qaboos, Qulhat,Shannah, Duqm, Salalah, Sohar, Gulf of Oman,Khatmat Malaha, Suwaiq ,Muscat, Hutchison, Alliwa, Rusayl Industrial Area, Sur, Nizwa and Buraimi Industrial Area.

Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate Powerful and fast wetting and penetrating action to remove heavy deposits of oil, dirt and grease from concrete or metal surfaces, vessel bilge decks, engine room and drill floor etc. Specially designed to used in any pressure washing machine range or mopping.Its High penetration formula deep into recesses and crevice of equipment and machinery to chase out soils without disassembling.The resultant run-off will not harm tarmac or asphalt and painted surfaces.

Available Packing Size: 20, 25, 50, 210 Ltrs.

CANADA Chemical offers highest quality products in Tank cleaning, Hold Solution, Detergent, Degreaser & Floor care chemical. We assure for quality and ensure that only the best is catered to the customers.Our basic motto of the company is to give a better product to the customer at the lowest rate. We are keeping ready stock of Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate, for more information, any support and price, Feel free to contact us through our Email id chemicals@canadachemical.com