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on 26 Apr 2022 1:33 PM

Canada Chemicals is one of the leading Demulsifiers Exporters, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Producers in Vancouver, Montreal, Ontario, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa Canada. We are supplied to various industrial markets including Household, Institutional Cleaning, Personal Care, and Industrial sectors including Oil fields, chemical, Animal feed additive, Food additive, Agrochemical, Fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, Minerals, Lubricants, Marine Industry, Metal Working chemical industry, and Coatings markets.


Demulsifiers, or emulsion breakers, are a class of specialty chemicals used to separate emulsions, for example, water in oil. They are commonly used in the processing of crude oil, which is typically produced along with significant quantities of saline water. This water (and salt) must be removed from the crude oil prior to refining. If the majority of the water and salt are not removed, significant corrosion problems can occur in the refining process.

demulsifier is a compound polymer water treatment agent, which is widely used in oil exploitation, processing and refining, papermaking, chemical fiber and textile, chemical industry, and all kinds of wastewater and waste liquid treatment in cities. The demulsifier can effectively break the oil in water emulsion, shorten the time of oil-water separation, is well miscible with water, and is effective in a wide range of pH values.


Demulsifier is an oil exploration, oil refining, and wastewater treatment industry of chemical agents. The demulsifier belongs to the surface-active agent in organic synthesis. It has good wettability and enough ability for flocculation. It can make the demulsification quickly and achieve the effect of oil-water separation. The product is suitable for all kinds of oil exploration and oil-water separation around the world. It can be used in desalination and dehydration of refinery sewage treatment, sewage purification, oily wastewater treatment, and so on.

Application Filed

The product could be used for oil second mining, the mining output product dehydration, oil field sewage treatment, oil field containing polymer flooding sewage, oil refinery wastewater treatment, oily water in food processing, paper mill wastewater, and the middle deinking wastewater treatment, urban underground sewage, etc.


1. The demulsification speed is fast, that is, the demulsification is added.

2. High demulsification efficiency. After demulsification, it can directly enter the biochemical system without any other problems to microorganisms.

3. Compared with other demulsifiers, the treated flocs are greatly reduced, reducing the subsequent sludge treatment.

4. At the same time as demulsification, it removes the viscosity of oily colloids and does not adhere to sewage treatment equipment. This greatly increases the working efficiency of all levels of oil removal containers, and the oil removal efficiency is increased by about 2 times.

5. No heavy metals, reducing secondary pollution to the environment.

Application Method

1. Before use, the optimal dosage should be determined through lab test according to the type and concentration of oil in the water.

2. This product can be added after being diluted 10 times, or the original solution can be added directly.

3. The dosage depends on the lab test. The product can also be used with poly aluminium chloride and polyacrylamide.

Demulsifiers are typically based on the following chemistry:

Acid-catalyzed phenol-formaldehyde resins
Base catalyzed phenol-formaldehyde resins
Epoxy resins

The above are usually ethoxylated (and/or propoxylated) to provide the desired degree of water/oil solubility. The addition of ethylene oxide increases water solubility, propylene oxide decreases it.

Commercially available demulsifier formulations are typically a mixture of two to four different chemistries, in carrier solvent(s) such as xylene, heavy aromatic naphtha (HAN), Isopropanol, methanol, 2-Ethylhexanol or diesel.






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